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Please mark your calendar and join us in the year of 2016 World Design Capital Taipei… 歡迎加入,我們2016台北見! [FB] ICDHS 2016 Taipei     

Rosie & Benjamin 蘿絲 與 坂守

Introducing Taiwan Tech Mascots– Rosie & Benjamin 蘿絲 與 坂守  

Welcome to the Escort Exhibition

Welcome to the opening reception for “Escort: Safety Wayfinding Signage Design Exhibition”.  November 30, 2013. PI / Designer: Tingyi S. Lin Co-Designers: I-Chen Haung, Pei-Hsuan Kuan

Escort | 引路

Escort:Safety Wayfinding Signage Design Exhibition 引路:避難場所視覺指引系統設計展 Opening Reception: 14:30~16:30, Saturday, November 30, 2013 Exhibition: 09:30~17:30, November 30 ~ December 08, 2013 Location: S3, Songshan Culture and Creative Park, Taipei City, Taiwan 松山文創園區 南向製菸工廠一樓 (S3) PI & Design: Tingyi S. Lin 林廷宜  敬邀 Establishing a Wayfinding Signage system will result in a population’s heightened understanding and … Continue reading

The Purple Spirit

The visual design of Echinacea Campaign (or Echinacea Movement, 紫錐花運動, raised in June, 2012) suggests a blossom, or a starting point, a cheerful and creative playground that promotes a bright, healthy, and persevering mind that opposes drug abuse. With the Echinacea image, the Echinacea Movement logotype also connotes brilliant fireworks. The core of the fireworks … Continue reading

Echinacea Movement Release 紫錐花運動 全面啟動

Echinacea Campaign logotype

去年(2011)紫錐獎風光閉幕後, 隨著計劃的結束,我將發展到一半的紫錐視覺藍圖整理整理, 紫錐獎標誌標章設計 (紫錐獎官方網站連結) 紫錐獎徵件海報 紫錐獎標準色 紫錐獎CF:邀請篇 紫錐獎緝毒犬:Domingo & Oscar 紫錐獎得獎專屬t-shirt …以及其它相關視覺策畫, 準備塵封。 五月底, 教育部突然來電詢問能否使用我們的紫錐花構想和標章, 既然當初的規劃是一種純粹,是一項用心,是一個理想, 收起那複雜的情緒, 也就欣然地答應了。 隔日,即定名為紫錐花運動, 為了調整其中一個元素, 在最短的時間完成任務, 原來的明日之星就留用於紫錐獎的榮耀, 而更新的圖中以花蕊種子來發想, 意指紮根散播、健康活力、尊重生命, 就讓紫錐花運動花開遍地, 希望能真的發揮其影響力! 「紫錐」一詞取自菊科植物紫錐花, 引用紫錐花具有解毒的意象, 借用其對人體健康、增強免疫力的功效, 強調意志力的堅定, 傳達良好的拒絕毒品觀念, 呼籲全民除了勇敢拒絕毒品之外, 亦能成為勸諫周遭的人拒絕毒品誘惑, 成為一個「勇於向毒品說不」、「規勸朋友拒絕毒品」的 積極進取、自愛自信的健康公民。 用堅毅的勇氣淨化對毒品的依賴, 將創意的啟發向下紮根, 綻放生命的光彩。   紫錐小櫥窗 EC Showcase: [Click Here] 相關文章Related Reading: The Purple Spirit

Treasure Map_2011fall

In my course playful games 101, ‘Treasure Map’ is one of the exciting events that students can easily involve in. In short of this game, students observe the spatial relationship within the environment prior to apply visual elements, such as symbols and few keywords to illustrate their treasure maps. With various ways of presenting their … Continue reading

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