The Browser Wars

It’s the real world, the real battle, but you cannot feel it until the time passes along. Yet, you cannot see it until the infographic  tells you the story. It is the Browser Wars— (1995~2003)  –  Internet Explore; Netscape Navigator (2004-today)  –  Internet Explore; Mozilla Firefox; Opera; Safari; Google Chrome…. The Browser Wars infographic (from ) Advertisements

Periodic Tables of Adobe Shortcuts

 A series of poster named Periodic Table of Adobe Shortcuts, designed by VENT, shows keyboard shortcuts for Adobe Creative Suite(Photoshop, Illustrator, and In Design) with styles of periodic tables of elements. They are very interesting posters in A2 size. <images from designbyvent site>

東京地鐵圖解宣導Tokyo Metro Explanation Graphics

東京地鐵圖解宣導作品運用圖解發揮視覺訊息設計的魅力,簡潔、清楚、具故事性之外,當中不乏有些幽默之處,引人會心一笑,印象深刻中以達宣傳效果。例如:2008年8月的”Please do it at the beach“、2008年10月的”Please do it in the yard“、2009年9月的”Please do it in the athletic club“、2009年12月的”Please do it at home“、2010年3月的”Please do it at home“。

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    Department of I & C Design, National Taiwan University of Science & Technology
    國立台灣科技大學 工商業設計系 / 設計所

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