Graphing the Phenomenon 002: Landsat Annual Timelapse 1984-2012

Landsat Annual Timelapse 1984-2012 Google provides online tools for users to access the world’s satellite imagery. Its availability allows “scientists, independent researchers, and nations to mine this massive warehouse of data to detect changes, map trends and quantify differences on the Earth’s surface,” says google. With Earth engine API, user can ” access and run algorithms … Continue reading

Graphing the Phenomenon 001: Child Labor 1920

NPR Reporter Lam Thuy Vo graphed the number of child workers in 1920. It shows that a million children (age 10-15) worked “largely in factories and on farms”. “About half worked on family farms. The rest did everything else, working in factories, trained as apprentices, and served as messenger,” analysed by Vo. The data is … Continue reading

104i Navigation 升學就業地圖

104人力銀行的104i 除了是個找尋工作的入口,所製作的升學就業地圖,也提供學子們對於未來的規劃、以及對於理想和麵包之間的選擇一個有利的訊息情報。進入的畫面並沒有花俏的圖樣,直接由「從學校找」及「從科系找」或「大學部」及「研究所」的分類選項中提供使用者選擇搜尋。進入到各學校科系的訊息頁後以活潑的人偶圖案式表現,配合統計文字和圖表呈現學生畢業後升學比例及就學方向分布,以及學生畢業後的就業狀況,當中又以不同的年資區分,視覺資料清楚,並以網頁互動機制呈現訊息的深度和廣度。 薪資情報也提供了各類工作的情況,只要點選感興趣的職務,即可看見該類職務的薪資範圍及工作機會以圖表的方式列出,以新鮮人及上班族不同的狀況將訊息表列清楚。而於各類選項底下亦可看見利用x軸(工作機會/人)和y軸(平均月薪)所展示的互動式訊息情報,不僅透過點選也可進入該職務的個別資料,軸線圖更展現了各類職務薪資水準和人才需求在現今工商業場域的相互比較關係。 資料來源自教育部統計處,升學就業地圖提供友善的、多面向的、易於閱讀的訊息予學生對於所就讀的學門出路及可能性參考,從前人的腳步中尋找更穩的道路以及開創未來更多的可能性。

Nature Graphics

Learning from Nature has been one of design methods for all sorts of creativities. “Throughout the ages great minds been informed by Mother Nature, and have recognized the tremendous power of her wisdom. (from beliefnet)”

Treasure Map_2011fall

In my course playful games 101, ‘Treasure Map’ is one of the exciting events that students can easily involve in. In short of this game, students observe the spatial relationship within the environment prior to apply visual elements, such as symbols and few keywords to illustrate their treasure maps. With various ways of presenting their … Continue reading

If you must do it, do it well_Infographics

from HOW Interactive Design

The HOW Interactice Design posted an interesting article “Quit it With All the Infographics Already [Infographic]” in September 23, 2011. Several interesting points I would like to point out– 1. The author says “Information design is a noble field”. 2. The author argues about the development of infographics nowadays–      *Most infographics aren’t accessible for the visually impaired.      … Continue reading

Infographics: It’s Time for Real

“It’s Time for Real”, an animated infographic, is a beautifully crafted motion graphic that blended with a tabletop setting superimposed with text, symbols and charts. It runs with a smooth storyline to explain Canadian food market and try to persuade viewers to eat local product. The three-dimensional graphics even add more depth of visual effects. This is one of the great examples to use the elelments … Continue reading

Baby’s Name Wizard II_Map a Name

I am able to learn a lot of names’ origins and meanings from Baby’s Name Wizard site even though I don’t need to find a baby’s name yet. There are many features for users to use. If you really want to find a name for your new born baby, use ‘Baby Name Finder” which you … Continue reading

Baby’s Name Wizard I_Graph a Name

Type your name and see how popular it is! I was impressed by this interesting site, Name Voyager: Track The Popularity of Names over Time, which was forwarded by LSS(UW-Madison) staffs’ network when our colleague Doug’s new born baby was about to arrive at the world few years ago. I still remember that every staffs were brainstorming the baby’s name. On … Continue reading

Personality Infographics

The Personality Infographics creates customized data visualization of individual’s personalities and habits in a contemporary daily network system. Built by Ionz: Pensamento Digital, a creative branding and strategizing firm based in Brazil, the site starts with a price tag asking your name on an elegant grey page. You click on the Great British flag on the up right corner to … Continue reading

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