Oh, the Street Artists

I like the idea that Wooster Collective exhibits their 10 years celebration (2003-2013) and name ten things that we can learn from those talented street artists. I personally admire those energetic artists very much. Good Mag (August 05, 2013) says, for being a street artist: it’s important to take risks. give without expecting a return. challenge the … Continue reading

The humorist David Thorne_II

If you remember the spider story, yes, it is also David Thorne’s work. Thorne, based in Geraldton, Western Australian, is a designer and writer with a great sense of hunor. he gained public recognition with his email exchanges, in which he tried to pay an overdue bill with his spider drawing. You can read more Thorne’s … Continue reading

The humorist David Thorne_I

Recently recieved an interesting article titled “Missing Missy“, listing conversations between a lost-cat owner and a graphic designer. I also had a chance to view a Mandarin version last night (thank Shiou posted it on facebook). Unfortunately, the one who translated this article seemed to be despaired in hiring designers– the title is “給你一個不要向設計師求助的理由“!   Oops~ Here it goes: —–Missing … Continue reading

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