By being myself, …

By being myself, I continue to walk along with my soul, no matter where my body would go…. “By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before.” – Edwin Elliot Advertisements

Oh, the Street Artists

I like the idea that Wooster Collective exhibits their 10 years celebration (2003-2013) and name ten things that we can learn from those talented street artists. I personally admire those energetic artists very much. Good Mag (August 05, 2013) says, for being a street artist: it’s important to take risks. give without expecting a return. challenge the … Continue reading

Quotations from 安藤忠雄 Tadao Ando

雖然介紹安藤忠雄(Tadao Ando)的文章及專書已有許多, 昨日在讀到一篇對於安藤忠雄光與影的創作報導, 仍然令我想要一看再看,喜愛加感動, 當中的一兩句話是個起點, 更讓我禁不住想要紀錄更多令人觸發動力的感動– 「孤獨,也要讓夢想開花」 「一個人要成功有兩個條件:意志力和熱情」 「如果沒有發聲,就不會有任何機會……如果你有一個想法,你必須要一直說,一直說。因為,菁英分子不容易被說服。」 「我的建築目標是為清心寡慾且堅強度日的人,打造有如修道院般的住家。」 「要找到自己想做的事,首先只要思考如何實現這個想法,至於實現問題如何,稍後再來想就行了。」 「我認為一個人真正的幸福並非待在光明之中,從遠處凝望光明,並朝它奮力奔去,就在那拼命忘我的時間裡,才有人生真正的充實。」 More about 安藤忠雄(Tadao Ando)– 安藤忠雄(Tadao Ando) The Pritzker Architecture Prize– Tadao Ando, 1995 Laureate 安藤忠雄 光與影の建築之旅(The Grand Tour of Tadao Ando) 「只要有一,就會有十」/ Church of Light:茨木春日丘教會 for more Pritzker Prize Selected Works from Tadao Ando

We can’t solve problems…

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

— Albert Einstein

Signage System v.s. Universal Design

The Xin-Yi branch at Eslite Bookstore (誠品書店), one of the largest bookstore chains in Taiwan, recommended several books regarding to Signage System and Universal Design in early February this year. I am glad to see that this field of topics is starting to be paid attention to in our society. Moreover, the interdisciplinary ways of … Continue reading


過去的一星期除了處理一些例行的事務, 也收到許多大大小小獲奬領獎的活動和通知, 當事情一個一個來的時候, 幸運的,這些都是我們過去挑燈夜戰辛苦的成果, 別忘了,辛苦的成果還是得積極的維持下去。 這一週和兩位學生長談的過程中發現, 許多周邊無形的力量往往是激化信心和潛力的基礎。 無論是已畢業成績優良的學生或就學中不知所措的學子, 重要的是,要清楚自己在做什麼或要做什麼, 而無論做什麼,我分享的其中一個重點是: 千萬要保持我們的熱情,才能保持興趣, 有了興趣,做起事來才能得到快樂, 當中一定會有酸甜苦辣, 因為有這些酸甜苦辣,我們才能品味當中的精彩。 千萬要保持我們的熱情, 熱情是支持我們行進的一盞火, 這一盞火在我們心中 原本就會有時旺有時弱, 外頭時有風,時有雨, 我們得將她保護好!

Perspiration vs. Inspiration

An interesting topic on The Daily Heller drew my attention this morning– Perspiration vs. Inspiration. This genius comparison of these two words really ‘inspires’ me to view the happiness of our diligent attitude in working. We are genius when we work hard, though the sweets of the success won’t be tasted until the flash of insight … Continue reading


 “M5+D=nV” is not only the theme of DMI Design/Management 35th Annual Conference, it is, and will be, today’s most pressing issues we are caring about. Five major macro shifts from the conference committees, including: 1. the rise and fall of nations—geopolitics 2. the rise and fall of generations—new leaders 3. social media—virtual networks and digital clusters … Continue reading

the Revolution

NPR reporter Alix Spiegel thinks that the iconic illustration of evolution, from Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, doesn’t  tell enough story about ‘what truly makes us human’. Spiegel points out that “thinking symbolically is the foundation of everything we do — we live in a symbolic world.” Giovanni Caselli (from npr) In Spiegel’s article, he lists many examples of … Continue reading

RSA Animates_Motivation

Dan Pink’s Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us shows what motivates people– Reward & Punishment, Performance & Satisfaction…. “Our motivations are unbelievably engagingly amazing and interesting….,” as he says. His speech not only allows me review the motivation theory once again, but also inspires me how to educate pupils for higher motivation. For mechanical … Continue reading

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