Motion Periodic Table

Motion Periodic Table_1.pngIt’s cool to take a scientific view on Motion effects– Motion Periodic Table, a graduate project designed by Kazuki Akamine from the Musashino Art University, Japan. Akamine extracted motion graphics elements and rearranged them into a periodic table look, with which you can click on a specific effect button, and it brings you to the next page to see what causes the effect, how people apply the effect, some examples from the effect, and other related or similar effects that you can explore more. Akamine carefully divided all effects into 18 groups with similarities and composed them into the columns within a periodical table—1) Orbit and Offset; 2) Variant System; 3) Time Operation System; 4-8) Special Motion; 9) Script; 10)Warp; 11) Diffusion; 12-13) Blur and Light System; 14)Mobile System; 15)Rotating System; 16) Scale System; 17)Trimming System; and 18)Fractal Series. Although the current site is in Japanese, the images are self-explanatory.

Motion Periodic Table_2.png


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