A New Way to See: Microsoft HoloLens

It is not only a promotion video that Microsoft is introducing its Windows 10 and the new HoloLens, the video also shows how these technologies will change and shape your new life, by transforming your world with holograms, as the slogan says. It is certainly a huge leap to the development of holography since the first practical optical holograms recorded 3D objects in 1962 in the Soviet Union (Yuri Denisyuk) and at the University of Michigan, USA (Emmett Leith * Juris Upatnieks). The ever changing technology is now taking us from the Kinect motion-sensing to this new gadget that “puts all of our science fiction fantasies just within reach (Hardawar, 2015).”

Holography is often compared with photography with their processes, representations and many other aspects. Holographic experiment is indeed overturning our image world, from how we see, what we learn, what we think, to how we communicate.


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