Escort | 引路

Escort:Safety Wayfinding Signage Design Exhibition

Opening Reception: 14:30~16:30, Saturday, November 30, 2013
Exhibition: 09:30~17:30, November 30 ~ December 08, 2013
Location: S3, Songshan Culture and Creative Park, Taipei City, Taiwan
松山文創園區 南向製菸工廠一樓 (S3)

PI & Design: Tingyi S. Lin
林廷宜  敬邀


Establishing a Wayfinding Signage system will result in a population’s heightened understanding and awareness of emergency and safety information. The wide public distribution of aesthetic and functional design visuals will inform and train people to immediately recognize signage information and assist them to respond to different emergency situations with reduced confusion, anxiety and stress. “Escort: Safety Wayfinding Signage Design Exhibition” is a partial result from the Shelters and Materials Management Project, World Design Capital Taipei 2016: Adaptive City effort. The VID team is pleased to present this design exhibition, which focuses on the creation of a concise, uniform and aesthetically pleasing and informative visual signage design system. This exhibition focuses on two signage system phases; the Normative and the Featured phases. The Normative phase features existing national public signs, while the Featured phase, an extension of the Normative, presents an independent Wayfinding Signage system. Visitors attending this exhibition are invited to view and to become acquainted through simulation activity with this user-friendly community-based emergency and safety Wayfinding Signage Design system. [Tingyi S. Lin]

指標識別除了可以建立日常的認知,引領正確的方向,並能緩和尋路的焦慮。視覺指引的系統化設計就是在協助使用者連貫對事物認知識別的能力,減少學習歷程,是兼具美感與功能的整體思維。「引路:避難場所視覺指引系統設計展」為臺北市申辦2016世界設計之都(WDC Taipei 2016)之避難場所與物資管理計畫中部份成果:應用視覺設計的特性在空間環境中引領明路,在物資管理上建立可視立見的視覺系統。其中路牌版依照現行國家公共路牌指標規範而設計,可以立即使用;特色版依照足夠辨識度的研究基礎下所延伸設計,希冀為本系統帶來獨立可辨的標示系統。本視覺系統展透過作品陳列與場所模擬,讓參觀者認識符號與體驗情境,為防災與避難工程的前端建立預警與管理的重要環節,共同建構臺北市更優質的整體防災系統與推動,強化維繫生命與穩定社會的力量。 [林廷宜]

Escort Invitation_ Content 1


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