Oh, the Street Artists

I like the idea that Wooster Collective exhibits their 10 years celebration (2003-2013) and name ten things that we can learn from those talented street artists. I personally admire those energetic artists very much. Good Mag (August 05, 2013) says, for being a street artist:

  1. it’s important to take risks.
  2. give without expecting a return.
  3. challenge the norm.
  4. be fearless.
  5. question everything.
  6. persistence pays off.
  7. collaboration enhances productivity.
  8. creativity is a universal language.
  9. context is everything.
  10. life is about the journey, not the destination.  (10 Things We Can Learn From Street Artists)

from Wooster Collection from Wooster’s Collection Flyer

This exhibition is curated by Marc & Sara Schiller at Jonathan LeVine Gallery (525 W. 22nd St., NYC) from August 07-24, 2013.

For taking few notes from different cities and collecting some interesting pictures regarding to street images, I always love the ‘silent roars’ of the anger, the sorrow, the love, the sentiment, and the passionate from street artists. And, yea, we hide and seek those sensations, always.

unknown artist

Lovely street art. by unknown artist(s)


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