Award Winning Ad– Dumb Ways To Die

Dumb Ways to Die, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity winner, “has taken five grand prix awards, the most that a campaign has ever notched up at the awards. It has won the film, radio, PR, direct and integrated categories,”  according to Guardian, UK. The campaign, designed by agency McCann Melbourne, sends public service messages from Metro Trains in … Continue reading

Save the ocean, Save the world

Why the ocean?

Why the ocean? One World One Ocean (OWOO, or 1W1O) Campaign encourages people to join the movement in order to  protect our oceans and the life within. The media campaign strategy, initiated by MacGillivray Freeman Films, includes this multi-platform site “using the power of film, television and new media to inspire, educate and connect millions of people worldwide” in order … Continue reading

Quotations from 安藤忠雄 Tadao Ando

雖然介紹安藤忠雄(Tadao Ando)的文章及專書已有許多, 昨日在讀到一篇對於安藤忠雄光與影的創作報導, 仍然令我想要一看再看,喜愛加感動, 當中的一兩句話是個起點, 更讓我禁不住想要紀錄更多令人觸發動力的感動– 「孤獨,也要讓夢想開花」 「一個人要成功有兩個條件:意志力和熱情」 「如果沒有發聲,就不會有任何機會……如果你有一個想法,你必須要一直說,一直說。因為,菁英分子不容易被說服。」 「我的建築目標是為清心寡慾且堅強度日的人,打造有如修道院般的住家。」 「要找到自己想做的事,首先只要思考如何實現這個想法,至於實現問題如何,稍後再來想就行了。」 「我認為一個人真正的幸福並非待在光明之中,從遠處凝望光明,並朝它奮力奔去,就在那拼命忘我的時間裡,才有人生真正的充實。」 More about 安藤忠雄(Tadao Ando)– 安藤忠雄(Tadao Ando) The Pritzker Architecture Prize– Tadao Ando, 1995 Laureate 安藤忠雄 光與影の建築之旅(The Grand Tour of Tadao Ando) 「只要有一,就會有十」/ Church of Light:茨木春日丘教會 for more Pritzker Prize Selected Works from Tadao Ando

The Debut of SVM UI Project 2013

To Our Facebook Page, Click HERE A newly designed interface for a campus robotic-interactive vending machine will debut on Tuesday, June 18, 2013. This 50” Transparency+Interactive Vending Machine is provided by Promate Electronic Co., Ltd. You are invited to see the very first appearance of the ntust-campus visual interface design and try it out! Reception: … Continue reading

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