In Memoriam: Wayne Miller (1918 – 2013)

“To photograph mankind and explain man to man….” The film, “‘The World is Young”, about  Miller’s career, is made by Theo Rigby (retrieved from TIME). Read more @ TIME LightBox Advertisements

Graphing the Phenomenon 002: Landsat Annual Timelapse 1984-2012

Landsat Annual Timelapse 1984-2012 Google provides online tools for users to access the world’s satellite imagery. Its availability allows “scientists, independent researchers, and nations to mine this massive warehouse of data to detect changes, map trends and quantify differences on the Earth’s surface,” says google. With Earth engine API, user can ” access and run algorithms … Continue reading

Reading Between Lines

Using tapes on paper, Prof.  Shur Kiheun (서기흔/徐基欣) presents the courteous mutual actions between the visible and invisible meanings. “The interlinear view that penetrates through books and mankind … and a space of reason is the acme of beauty,” he said. I see his works with such a joy that playing around the shape and spaces–or … Continue reading


週日的早晨,將自己關在陽台與大地山靈川流微風鳥鳴共處,喜愛的琴聲從門縫薕洞中穿洩過來,這樣的相伴讓我忍不住隨著吹來的風韻深深呼吸。這時候的閱讀何其緩慢,心情如喝下的那口順溜的熱茶,流竄的過程千變萬化,有時深刻到心裏的底層仍繼續的鑚去,有時飄乎到天邊的雲彩隨意的成形、變形、或肆意的散去…。 我遙望著遠處其中一座山林,幻想那樹木的力量和氣塲如何讓人頓悟成仙,山林右方的一座廟宇和遠方的神像如何感應凡間俗世的祈願和映照,在這悠然間,微風裏,這裏是我每週兵荒馬亂之後洗滌整軍的小基地。 我何其幸運,由麥城湖邊小屋的浪漫到海島山中蝸居的沈靜,在風起雨臨時,也還能觀看那狂亂的美麗,訓練出一種冷眼熱心的奇特能力,彷彿這一切都在準備著終究的萬般自在徜徉在豔陽晴空裏。

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