The Purple Spirit

The visual design of Echinacea Campaign (or Echinacea Movement, 紫錐花運動, raised in June, 2012) suggests a blossom, or a starting point, a cheerful and creative playground that promotes a bright, healthy, and persevering mind that opposes drug abuse. With the Echinacea image, the Echinacea Movement logotype also connotes brilliant fireworks. The core of the fireworks is a set of coneflower pistils symbolizing reproductive willpower and endless hope for better living. The fireworks-like bloom implies that the great ideas for public charity promotion are as beautiful as petals and are able to extend out to the public, to people’s hearts, and to every corner of the world.

Echinacea, also named the “purple coneflower,” has exhibited many healthful properties. The image of Echinacea represents enhanced immunity and detoxification, thus conveying proper physical and mental health and the courageous determination to refuse to abuse drugs. To refrain from harmful extremes, one must establish an independent will, the courage to say no to harmful pursuits, and the strength to feel compassion for others.

Designed by Tingyi S. Lin and supported by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan (ROC), the logotype of Echinacea Movement promotes the pursuit of Elegance and Strength (purple), Immaculateness and Wellbeing (camel), and Passion and Reverence (golden yellow). the logotype of Echinacea Movement and its related official design aims to create high-quality functional visuals that promote abstention from use of illegal drugs, and promotes support of people in need. The symbolic meaning, design concept and visual forms were initialed and established by the  Echinacea Movement Design Group includes Tingyi S. Lin(林廷宜), Feng-Chao Chiang(蔣豐兆), I-Chen Huang(黃苡蓁), Yun-Zhong Chen(陳允中), and Hsiu-Chuan Tien(田修銓).

Click Here for EC Showcase 紫錐小櫥窗

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    Department of I & C Design, National Taiwan University of Science & Technology
    國立台灣科技大學 工商業設計系 / 設計所

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