Olly Moss

By seeing its logo, it reminds me the word “Hollywood” which is now often used as a metonymy of American cinema due to being the historical center of movie stars and the main production factories of movie studios.  Olly Moss creates many interesting posters, illustrations, photographs, and many other images. Those visuals represent a special quality that comes from the combination of graphics in the shapes, through stories in the stories. One recent example is the Thor poster that Olly Moss created for Marvel Pictures. The sense of humor and the power of visual design are also shown on the poster that Moss created without showing to the members at Marvel… very cool.

Retrieved Feb 01, 2011, from http://www.moss.fm/


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  • Affiliation

    Department of I & C Design, National Taiwan University of Science & Technology
    國立台灣科技大學 工商業設計系 / 設計所

    office no.:
    +886 2 2730 3280
    email: tingyi@mail.ntust.edu.tw

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