Visual Design & Decision Making ’10

In the course of 2010 Visual Design and Decision Making, we explored three places in Taipei area where we created a fun project. Within three major field trips, we carefully thought and felt the atmosphere of the sites, recorded what we saw, and manipulated with skillful creation in visual design. In conjunction with a collaborative … Continue reading

2009 International Graphic Design Collaborative Project

While a new course e-portfolio is going to be published online soon, I would like to introduce the first online portfolio we uploaded last year. This e-portfolio includes students’ works that students in my class collaborated with University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee graphic design group in 2009. This e-portfolio is designed and edited by Yao-Chuan. The e-portfolio … Continue reading

Passion in Strings

For me, it’s not only a warm gathering, a concert, but also a lecture. I participated in “Passion in Strings Everywhere, In Memoriam: Huqin Master Ming-yuan Liu (劉明源)” on Saturday, Oct o2, 2010, at Zhongshan Hall, Taipei. This is one of lovely seasonal performances presented by Taipei Chinese Orchestra. A great mentor of many professional … Continue reading

September, 2010

I am very surprised that the September of 2010 was gone so fast. Believe me, sometimes it seems quiet here, but lots are going on there…. So, what has been going on? First of all, I had to take a closer look into my reddot site for detailed information and to figure out what to … Continue reading

Grads Update_Tzu-Lun

A master thesis was received from a student of mine, few months after her oral defense from a third person. Tzu-Lun is now working on web design related works at a design company where she is able to contribute and to grow. We all wish her good luck.

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