“M5+D=nV” is not only the theme of DMI Design/Management 35th Annual Conference, it is, and will be, today’s most pressing issues we are caring about. Five major macro shifts from the conference committees, including:
1. the rise and fall of nations—geopolitics
2. the rise and fall of generations—new leaders
3. social media—virtual networks and digital clusters
4. urbanization—concentrated cities and cultures
5. sustainability—less is more
open many doors to innovative designers. There are many opportunities and possibilities out there for us to pursue for, to combine with, and to bring about something amazing.  

Five major macro shifts (m5) plus creative designers, that’s really something! As one of this conference co-chairs David Butler, the vice president of gobal design, Coca-Cola Company, said, ““It’s such an amazing time to be a designer. We are experiencing the kind of exponential growth and optimism that futurists used to dream about. But with all of these possibilities come new kinds of problems–truly wicked problems–multi-dimensional problems we’ve never solved before” (cited from Thoughts on M5+D=nV). What kinds of new value creation will continuously grow and/or suddenly happen? I am anticipating those stunning moments!

What is Design Value? Dr. Peter Zec, the president of Red Dot, points out that “Design Value = [design returns x (design strength + design continuity)] + design property” (cited from Thoughts on M5+D=nV). While all sorts of goodies are coming together, we are not afraid of challenges but are very exciting about the possibilities. We are right on!


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