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NPR reporter Alix Spiegel thinks that the iconic illustration of evolution, from Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, doesn’t  tell enough story about ‘what truly makes us human’. Spiegel points out that “thinking symbolically is the foundation of everything we do — we live in a symbolic world.”

Ascent of Man Illustration
Giovanni Caselli (from npr)

In Spiegel’s article, he lists many examples of symbols in everyday life, and the evolution of human’s symbolic thoughts. He also comes up with  a new iconic image of the human evolution, or not evolution, just how/what comes humans? Spiegel suggests:  “A hairy ape man with a thick brow sits crouched, working a tiny hole into a small shell. He pushes a strip of animal hide through the hole. And — suddenly — you and I are born.”

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution depicts the physical change of human beings, and today, we turn to the questions of how we became human in our minds, and to the mystery of what is, and is going on, in our brains– for cognitive ability and symbolic thinking:
Our ability to think in symbols — the notion that objects can
represent ideas — is one of the key traits that make us human.
We weren’t always symbolic thinkers, and scientists are trying
to figure out when our minds evolved this ability. (Alix Spiegel)
From the Human Edge, NPR news: When Did We Become Mentally Modern?

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