“M5+D=nV” is not only the theme of DMI Design/Management 35th Annual Conference, it is, and will be, today’s most pressing issues we are caring about. Five major macro shifts from the conference committees, including: 1. the rise and fall of nations—geopolitics 2. the rise and fall of generations—new leaders 3. social media—virtual networks and digital clusters … Continue reading

the Revolution

NPR reporter Alix Spiegel thinks that the iconic illustration of evolution, from Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, doesn’t  tell enough story about ‘what truly makes us human’. Spiegel points out that “thinking symbolically is the foundation of everything we do — we live in a symbolic world.” Giovanni Caselli (from npr) In Spiegel’s article, he lists many examples of … Continue reading

RSA Animates_Motivation

Dan Pink’s Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us shows what motivates people– Reward & Punishment, Performance & Satisfaction…. “Our motivations are unbelievably engagingly amazing and interesting….,” as he says. His speech not only allows me review the motivation theory once again, but also inspires me how to educate pupils for higher motivation. For mechanical … Continue reading

2010年4C數位創作競賽 (4D Digital Award)

Great news from 2010 4D Digital Award (2010年4C數位創作競賽): Retrieved from 4C News (http://www.dcaward.org.tw/4C_Website/)

2010 Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest_Final

What a fun game, and happy to see those creative youngsters who were able to collaborate and to complete those tasks. After 72 hours sleepless hardworking, participants presented their final results on July 31, 2010. Within those best out of the best, the Final goes to… News retrieved from 2010第八屆智慧鐵人創意競賽暨第六屆國際邀請賽(2010 Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest) 官網 (以下新聞轉貼自智慧鐵人官網)– 第八屆智慧鐵人決賽落幕 「Hex-Force」獲國際、國內雙料冠軍 第八屆全國智慧鐵人創意競賽暨第六屆國際邀請賽決賽72小時倒數結束!台灣繼06年後再度奪得國際組冠軍。 攝影 … Continue reading

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