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Type your name and see how popular it is!
I was impressed by this interesting site, Name Voyager: Track The Popularity of Names over Time, which was forwarded by LSS(UW-Madison) staffs’ network when our colleague Doug’s new born baby was about to arrive at the world few years ago. I still remember that every staffs were brainstorming the baby’s name.

On the interactive site, you can click on the name graph to view that specific name or the alphabetically related ones, and can do double clicks to read more information about the name you select, such as the relatives of the name, the origin of the name, the sibling names for it, and US popularity of the name over time… etc. Furthermore, you can type any name and the graph will simultaneously change and display names that relate to it.

Name Voyager displays the popularity of baby names over the decades with stylish Java applet on an interactive infographic. When you stumble on the stripes, a tiny window pup up to show the name and it’s ranking in different time periods. It is not only a great source for baby’s name searching, but also a fantastic graph to present most US names’ popularity rise and fall over time. Some suddenly become popular, and some gradually incline downward.


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