Personality Infographics

The Personality Infographics creates customized data visualization of individual’s personalities and habits in a contemporary daily network system. Built by Ionz: Pensamento Digital, a creative branding and strategizing firm based in Brazil, the site starts with a price tag asking your name on an elegant grey page. You click on the Great British flag on the up right corner to switch the language into English. Type your name, and start to build your own personality infographics by answering series of questions.

The data analysis results in a map of a user’s characteristics of personality with highlight color in purple-ish pink, and the average amount of others data are in grey, as a defult setting. The grahics are nicely done with icons, texts, pictograms, and numbers. Users can alter highlight colors and background colors using the left hand side panel to select, to leave personal messages, to upload personal picture, or choose layout orientation. Furthermore, you can save this very personal personality infographics as a desktop wallpaper to own a souvenir.

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