The humorist David Thorne_II

If you remember the spider story, yes, it is also David Thorne’s work. Thorne, based in Geraldton, Western Australian, is a designer and writer with a great sense of hunor. he gained public recognition with his email exchanges, in which he tried to pay an overdue bill with his spider drawing. You can read more Thorne’s short and fun articles  in his 27b/6(27slash6) site. Most of them are from his life stories. The ‘Overdue Account’ article and the previous post, Missing Missy, are on there, in case you are interested.


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  • Affiliation

    Department of I & C Design, National Taiwan University of Science & Technology
    國立台灣科技大學 工商業設計系 / 設計所

    office no.:
    +886 2 2730 3280

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