Visual information? hold on!

From a practical design viewpoint, visual information designers try to make the visual representation ‘good’ enough for viewers to grasp the main idea fast, especially in the digital era. We nowadays often consider that “efficiency” and “effectiveness” are two norms of a successful production should be.

However, Neal J. Roese and Kathleen D. Vohs suggest hindsight bias and propensity effect in their article, the Visualization Trap in Harvard Business Review (May 2010), saying that ‘computer-animation visualization is appealing because it can help [viewers to] make sense of highly complex information, but it’s also, quite literally, a point of view.” That is to say, dynamic stimuli can reinforce the viewers’ interests and understanding; on the contrary, it may not be able to tell the story holistically because of this strength with certain angles, emphases, and/or effects.


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