IDEO’s Human-Centered Design Toolkit

Among many award winnings, IDEO’s “Human-Centered Design Toolkit” provides solutions to difficult challenges for the developing regions. Observation, interviewing, prototyping, understanding the roles of members, spending time along, participatory design method, and  innovation research method…, HCDT provides great methods to help organizations “understand people’s needs in new ways, find innovative solutions to meet these needs, and deliver solutions … Continue reading

Baby’s Name Wizard II_Map a Name

I am able to learn a lot of names’ origins and meanings from Baby’s Name Wizard site even though I don’t need to find a baby’s name yet. There are many features for users to use. If you really want to find a name for your new born baby, use ‘Baby Name Finder” which you … Continue reading

Baby’s Name Wizard I_Graph a Name

Type your name and see how popular it is! I was impressed by this interesting site, Name Voyager: Track The Popularity of Names over Time, which was forwarded by LSS(UW-Madison) staffs’ network when our colleague Doug’s new born baby was about to arrive at the world few years ago. I still remember that every staffs were brainstorming the baby’s name. On … Continue reading

Personality Infographics

The Personality Infographics creates customized data visualization of individual’s personalities and habits in a contemporary daily network system. Built by Ionz: Pensamento Digital, a creative branding and strategizing firm based in Brazil, the site starts with a price tag asking your name on an elegant grey page. You click on the Great British flag on the up right corner to … Continue reading

the 1st Golden Comics Award

Glad to receive the invitation of the 1st Golden Comics Award, followed by series of events such as exhibitions, speeches, autograph session, and workshop. It will be an interesting event to participate. The exhibition starts from July 21 – September 19, 2010, at National Central Library’s Arts and Audiovisual Center. The award ceremony will be on July 29, one of events … Continue reading

the Legend of Open小將 (Open-Chan/OPENちゃん)

近年來代言玩偶愈來愈流行,愈來愈精緻,代言玩偶也如同明星一般在廣告宣傳中開創他事業的高峰。商品代言人要具有充分的魅力才有說服力,憑藉著討喜的造型,鮮明的個性,有著情感,有著朋友家族,就是要塑造成如同你身邊的朋友一般,積極擄獲人心。Open小將(Open-Chan/OPENちゃん)是台灣統一企業股份有限公司(7-Elevent便利商店) 委託日本電通公司設計,除了在各媒體應用上的廣告宣傳,並有一系列週邊商品運用於店頭及網路等各式宣傳活動。 Open小將於2005年7月11日出生於OPEN星球,據說是火箭朝7點鐘方向,飛行11天的地方,希望可以在OPEN星球開一家7-ELEVEN。系列角色的設定、週邊商品的推出,以及繪本故事的傳誦,讓許多人時常進出7-Eleven,也讓Open小將逐漸進入到人們的心中。根據Wiki野史傳說,Open小將在2005年7月1日首度於發表會中露臉,隔年(2006年7月1日)在「OPEN門市」(台北士林基河路)開幕時,Open小將從實習生升職為正式店員。原來,Open小將也是一步一步紮紮實實的從基層做起,也是個有為的青年! 找Open小將– Open小將官方網站 Open小將部落格 Open小將故事網站 Open小將電視台(O.TV) 7-Eleven網站

the Shots of Espresso

This Coffee Drinks Diagram designed by Lokesh Dhakar, an interface designer from Baltimore. He who is currently working in Boston, makes this side-by-side diagram from searching information from wikipedia and other online sources. Caffè Espresso is a concentrated coffee beverage among various brewing methods. The brewing process is forcing hot water under pressure through finely ground roasted coffee beans. … Continue reading

an Albers & Moholy-Nagy intro film

“… color is a culture thing, as well as something to do purely with perception,” said Daniel Sturgis in the film. This short film, Josef Albers & László Moholy-Nagy: From the Bauhaus to the New World, describe Josef Albers’ the groundbreaking exploration of form and colors and László Moholy-Nagy’s obsession with light. Moholy-Nagy is considered to be one … Continue reading

Visual Thesaurus

I have recommended very much about the Visual Thesaurus (version 3, currently), an online dictionary and thesaurus produced by a New York based company Thinkmap Inc (founded in 1997 as Plumb Design, Inc.). The first debut of the Visual Thesaurus was in 1998 as an online demonstration project. Now, this fascination application has been released as a boxed product and an … Continue reading

The humorist David Thorne_II

If you remember the spider story, yes, it is also David Thorne’s work. Thorne, based in Geraldton, Western Australian, is a designer and writer with a great sense of hunor. he gained public recognition with his email exchanges, in which he tried to pay an overdue bill with his spider drawing. You can read more Thorne’s … Continue reading

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