One Big Heart, Two Small Hands, and Three Keen Eyes

I often promote the balance between accessibility, readability, and understandability in a designed work, regarding to the viewpoints of visual information design. “One big heart, Two small hands, and Three keen eyes” is proposed to be an essential notion that a successful information designer is supposed to have. That is, an information designer should have an open mind so that s/he can think things from a very broad view. The designer is well-trained so that s/he is able to tune the work with sophisticated craftsmanship and to complete the project with a beautiful mind. Also, a designer needs to keep an eye on for his/her prudence and to see through the problems with a keen eye. Furthermore, a designer needs the third eye to see what others cannot see. I am not talking about goblins, of course!


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    Department of I & C Design, National Taiwan University of Science & Technology
    國立台灣科技大學 工商業設計系 / 設計所

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